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Artisan Community Partnership

Program and Policy Seller Guide

One Path Marketplace is a Christian (Christ-centered) non-profit company designed to bring glory to Christ by applying His Biblical principles in how we operate and conduct our
business in service to the King. We offer a refreshing approach toward company profits by implementing our 501c3 non-profit to others’ benefit rather than our own. Our model
promotes and helps small business entrepreneurs and artisans by providing a platform to sell their products while at the same time supporting a worthwhile cause. We strive to ensure an
equal playing field for all our artisan partners. At One Path Marketplace, you are treated as one of the family through respect, fairness, and equality. In addition to a great platform to sell
your product, you will also be assisting Full Armor Ministries in promoting and supporting independent church food pantries across the United States through our “5 Loaves 2 Fish”
program. Further details regarding this program are located at www.fullarmormin.org

Artisan Community Partnership Program Overview

Mission Statement

One Path Marketplace is a Christ-centered community partnership program designed explicitly with the Artisan in mind.

How the Artisan Program Works

Create your shop and add your products at no cost. There are no fees associated with shop set up, so list as many products as you wish. It’s time to begin selling!
Please note: No resellers are allowed. If it is found you do not manufacture your product/s, it will be removed from your shop.

Targeted Marketing and sales marketing and sales target the 50 United States shown in the map below; however, we reserve the right to expand sales internationally. All programs supported through the sales and donations received will remain strictly in the 50 United States.

Acceptable Product and Verbiage Clarification (please read carefully)

Please read the following carefully:

We will not allow what we deem inappropriate verbiage, photography, paintings, drawings, sculptures, books, literature, insinuations, clothing, etc., that does not represent the Full Armor
Ministry or One Path Marketplace Bible-based standards. We also will not allow any items that imply or directly insinuate anti-Bible teachings, political motivation, racial content, violence, or
inappropriate slurs of any kind. Beyond this, we reserve the right to exclude any unforeseen products not listed in the list mentioned above to fall within what we consider unsuitable. Should a product or shop be deemed inappropriate for product sales on our site, you (the artisan) will be contacted with either a product decline or a shop decline. These guidelines are non-negotiable, and it is the shop owner’s responsibility to adhere to these policy rules and procedures at all times.

Please address any concerns or questions to the following email:

As stewards and organizers of this Christian organization, we will reserve the right to deem what is allowable, suitable, and appropriate for sale from our site.

Websites and Email:

www.fullarmormin.org (Full Armor Ministries is the parent company of One Path Marketplace and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization). The Five Loaves 2 Fish Independent Church Food Pantry program and information reside on this website and are entirely operated by Full Armor Ministries.

For Artisans to open their shop, please access: www.onepathmarketplace.com
For Artisan shop setup, help, and support, please contact us at artisansupport@fullarmormin.org

Account Setup, Shop Setup, and Approval

Account Setup:

Click on the Artisan link on the www.onepathmarketplace.com website and follow the instructions to add the required information. Once you have entered all info, you will be prompted to submit using the submit button. You will then receive an email confirmation delivered to the email address you entered. The email confirmation must be accepted within 24 hours to proceed. Otherwise, the process will need to be started over.

Each new Artisan account will be assigned a unique numeric identifier for accounting purposes and processing payouts. It will also be used to differentiate shop names if two Artisans use the same name.

Shop Setup: Detailed instructions will be provided on the Shop Setup page during each step of the process.

Using a CSV File with Manual Shop Setup

Adding your products can be partially done using a CSV file which can be a time-saver, especially if listing multiple products, and will eliminate the steps listed below with (CSV).

CSV File

Upload to our catalog using a CSV file. This method allows for multiple products and pertinent information to be added in one shot and significantly decreases shop setup time.

a. If selecting CSV file upload, detailed instructions will be provided

b. On the Shop Setup screen, select CSV file as your choice to add products.

c. You will see a screenshot of what looks like a Microsoft Excel file with multiple columns. You will need to perform a “Save As” of your excel file and select CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv). With the file now saved as a CSV, click on the “Upload File” button and browse to the file’s location, select the file, and upload. Your file should have the following columns listed below:

  • Product Name (CSV)
  • SKU (Optional) (CSV)
  • Product Weight (CSV)
  • Product Description (CSV)
  • Retail Price (CSV)
  • Quantity on Hand (Optional) (CSV)
  • UPC # (Optional) (CSV)
  • Brand (Optional) Usually, the Shop Name (CSV)
  • Image URL (Allows up to eight images to be added for a single product). Additional images can be added manually. (CSV)

Manual Shop Setup

Category— will be added manually and is not part of the CSV file. After the CSV file has been uploaded, the shop setup process continues. You’ll have an option to select from the current list of categories or select another and request a new category name. If requesting a new category, please include the desired image to be the new product category’s face. It will appear in the shop set up the final approval process.

Important: If a category already exists in the dropdown, please select “other” and add the category title. (Please take careful consideration when deciding where your product should be
listed.) Any new categories you would like to add will go through an approval process with OPM.

Product Subtitle

Options (This is optional and is for adding customization choices, i.e., engraving text)
Variants (Use this if you have multiple versions of the same product, i.e., as a t-shirt with various colors)
Shipping (Must Choose 1)

  1. Free Shipping (Recommended for popularity among consumers)
  2. Fixed Price Shipping (Good option for controlled pricing)
  3. Our Shipping Easy Account (Allows the consumer to select their desired shipping method and rate for USPS, FedEx, or UPS)
    Shipping Weight and Package Dimensions (Only required if option 3 for shipping was selected)
    Taxes-Sales (Taxes for all of your products are calculated automatically based on the customer location)

File Upload (For listing eBooks and digital file video or music downloads)

SEO (Page Title and Meta Description will be added automatically based on the product name and description. Search engines display a limited number of characters, so you may want to rewrite the page title and meta description. You can fine-tune your product’s metadata to describe what you offer more accurately.

Artisan Featured Products (Each Artisan can pick one of their shops products to have it listed in the Artisan Featured Product category)

Promotional Video (Add a promotional video to your shop or provide a YouTube link) (Optional)

Note: Each product uploaded is automatically listed as available for sale. If you have a product that is no longer available, please remove it from your shop or place it in a disabled status until it becomes available.

Shop Approval

When finished adding your product, submit your shop for final approval to Full Armor Ministries.

a. When approved, you’ll receive an email notification that your shop is now active and ready to sell. You’ll also receive a CSV file of your current shop setup. In the future, you can use this file to make changes to your product lineup, or if you made changes directly to the site, it could be used to bring you back to the original settings.

b. If approval is denied, an email explanation will be sent showing the policy guideline violation. Once fixed, please respond to the email for continued review.

c. If an email response is not received within one week, the shop will be placed in permanently closed status and will require an email to artisansupport@fullarmormin.org to have your shop unlocked.

d. In the email, please include your shop name and shop number.

Artisan Fees and Payouts


Fees are collected only when a product is sold. Below is a breakdown of those fees. 

This ministry aims to bring glory to Christ by applying His Biblical principles in how this ministry operates and does business as service to the King. Our prayer is that all who join with us will benefit as we seek our artisan partners’ success and the mission to serve those in need through the 5 Loaves 2 Fish program. This program will provide a financial support mechanism to independent church food pantries (the mom and pop) throughout the United States.

1.) We will charge a payment processing fee of 3.0% of the total sale price and $.50 for each transaction.
2.) The platform and your shop usage fee are as follows:
2021- 10% of the sale price excluding shipping and tax. The 10% was chosen to honor our Biblical roots for tithing.
3.) $25 will be charged on any order that is not fulfilled, not in stock, or not shipped based on your shop production lead time and shipping policy.


❏ Your product sells for $100 (excludes shipping and tax)
❏ The payment processing fee is 3.0% of the total sale price plus a $.50 per transaction fee. In this example, you would be charged $3.50 (includes the cost of the item, shipping, and sales tax)
❏ Full Armor Ministries fee would be $10.00.
❏ Total fees from $100 sale would be $13.50.


Payout will be processed weekly or optional bi-weekly or monthly. If a choice is not selected, the payout will default to a weekly basis.

For example: based on the sale example above, with all fees removed, the payout would be $86.50. 

Qualifying payouts require a tracking number (supplied by the artisan) to be added to the order before payouts can be processed. Actual shipping is the artisans’ responsibility. Shipping can be purchased through your shipping source or, you can opt to use One Path Marketplaces supplied shipping options chosen during your shop setup.

Eligible payout processing requires a tracking number to be applied to the order by the end of the business day (3:00 p.m.) on Friday to qualify for the Monday payout. If the payout is needed before the next payout cycle, a special request can be made to Artisanpayout@fullarmormin.org. A $2 charge will be applied for this special processing. 

Monthly payouts will be processed on the second Monday of the following month. Tracking numbers are also a requirement for this payment method.

For Artisan Payout Support, please email artisanpayout@fullarmormin.org.

Taxes, Shipping, Return/Cancellation/Refund Policy

Taxes- Personal business taxes

All artisans are responsible for filing income tax returns, and a 1099-K will be supplied to each Artisan from Full Armor Ministries once the IRS thresholds are met. For more information, follow the URL link provided.


Taxes- Sales Tax

Taxes for all of your product sales are calculated automatically based on the customer location.
The Artisan is not responsible for paying state sales tax, and this collected and filed Full Armor Ministries when applicable.


You will receive three options.
1.) You may use our shipping to calculate rates (we use Shipping Easy at this time)
2.) Fixed-rate shipping (you are setting your pace for shipping)
3.) Free shipping ( recommended choice)

Return/Refund/Exchange Policy

When setting up your shop on One Path Marketplace, you will determine whether you accept returns/refunds/exchanges and your policy. If you accept returns/refunds/exchanges, they will go directly through you the – Artisan. If a customer return/refund/exchange request comes to One Path Marketplace, there will be an automated email message sent directly to the Artisan shop email address listed, and it will be your responsibility to resolve customer concerns. If the customer cannot reach you through the contact information listed on One Path Marketplace, we will reserve the right to remove or suspend an artisan shop until we hear from you.

Cancellation Policy

You must state if you will accept a cancellation of the order during shop-setup as part of your shop’s policy. Because your items are custom-made or a one-of-a-kind product, it is up to you, the Artisan, to determine whether or not a customer can cancel their order. Any refund applied will be done between the purchaser and the Artisan and will not involve One Path Marketplace by Full Armor Ministries. It is important to note: If your policy allows the cancellation of an order, the transaction fees charged on the initial purchase are non-refundable.


Artisan Contributions toward Marketing

Included in the 10% platform fee is a monthly TBD amount specified for marketing. Also, a portion of general donations made to Full Armor Ministries to cover operating expenses may be
used to help promote artisan sales. The Full Armor Ministry marketing team will use those dollars to generate consumer traffic to One Path Marketplace, encouraging them to shop the site. Our marketing plan is to develop an even playing field for each artisan and provide equal visibility and sales opportunity.


Addendums and Revisions 

1. We reserve the right to revise or amend this Program and Policy Guide as necessary. Addendums and revisions will be communicated to those who advertise on our site through email, provided to us at sign-up. Important: It is the responsibility of each artisan to update any changes promptly/regularly to your email, phone number, or any other form of communication source with the OPM team.
2. If you have any revisions to be made to your site regarding a product, pricing, or availability, please implement those promptly for sale items to be readily available and pricing to be accurate. If you have things that need to be placed in an “unavailable” status, please do so immediately not to create any confusion or negativity for the consumer. (OPM is not held responsible for unavailable items on your site or incorrect pricing of your items.)


Help and Support

● This policy and program guide are available for download.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ● Shop setup instructions will be available in the shop edit just as when you set up your shop.
● Further assistance can be requested from your shop at artisansupport@fullarmormin.org.
● See page policy link for Terms and Conditions. Access the main page Customer Service links.

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